Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pic of the Week: This Too Shall Pass

I'm not going to changes have got me a bit down right now. Sometimes, it's really hard to cope with change. As much as I love it and I look forward to it, it is exhausting and can be overwhelming.

I feel like writing a poem. I know my poems aren't the best. I rarely take the time to sit down and actually work on one. They come out of my brain sporadically and very rarely do I develop them. Actually, that can transfer to all of my writing endeavors, including these blog posts. I definitely would like to be more disciplined in my writing but today is not the day I will start it.

Instead, I will leave you with this poem, spat out as we speak.

I've got these fragments
That float in my mind;
Parts of wholes that I can't describe.

I see them in the middle, or maybe it's the end;
Words and phrases I've yet to comprehend.

Eyes closed,
I try to see.

But they are gone,
Mere wisps of a scene.

Heart numb.
Mind dumb.

Next time, it will be best to let them be.

1 comment:

Tyler said...

pretty. you should keep a notebook with you all the time. I keep that one i tried to give you with me and I've been using it. You were right when you said it wasn't yours to keep lol. So much random stuff has come from having it at the right moments. Like a camera, its another way to capture moments and random thoughts.

I hope you adjust well to the change, and keep on practicing to be where you are. Ain't no use in sweating it. we've all sweat enough to fill an ocean.